7:00 P.M.


Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Sunset Valley, Texas will hold a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, the 16th day of September 2008 at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers, Municipal Building, 3205 Jones Road, Sunset Valley, Texas, at which time the following items will be discussed, to-wit:


A-1:        Call to order of the City Council.


A-2:        Approval of Minutes for September 2, 2008 and September 4, 2008. 


A-3:        Citizen/Public Communication.


A-4:        Staff, Committee and Mayor’s Reports

            a.    Police Departmental Update

            b.    Public Works Departmental and Project Update

            c.    Administrative Departmental and Project Update

            d.    City Administrator Update Report

            e.    Committee/Council Member Area Reports

            f.    Other Committee or Commission Reports

            g.    Mayor’s Report


A-5:        Council consideration of agenda items for approval on consent.


Consent Items:


A-6:        Approval of Police Dept. Motorcycle Officer job description.  (Mayor Pro Tem Moore Chief Houston)


A-7:        Approval of Police Dept. Motorcycle Officer policy and procedures as written by Chief Houston.  (Mayor Pro Tem Moore / Chief Houston).


A-8:        Approval of Interlocal Agreement between Travis County and the City of Sunset Valley for Emergency Law Enforcement Dispatch Services.  (Mayor Pro Tem Moore Chief Houston)


A-9:        Approval of appointing David Cardona and Rose Cardona as alternates to the Public Safety Committee.  (Mayor Pro Tem Moore).


Public Items:


A-10:     Discussion and possible action on proposals from Scanlin Buckle and Young and Carls, McDonald, & Dalrymple, L L P to provide legal services to the City of Sunset Valley.  (Mayor Mills)


A-11:      Discussion of the 07/08 Fiscal Year Budget (8 pm)


A-12:     Public Hearing to consider amending the 07/08 Fiscal Year Budget to provide adjustments to the City Budget.  (Administration) (8:30 pm)


                a) Open Hearing

                b) Presentation

                c) Citizen comments

                d) Close Hearing


A-13:     Discuss and take appropriate action concerning the Brodie Lane/ Wm Cannon Intersection project, including consideration and approval of the availability and source of funding (Mayor Mills / Dennis Jones)


A-14:      Approval of the new and revised evaluation system handbook submitted by the Compensation Sub-Committee.  (Councilmember Wilson / Chief Houston)


A-15:     Discussion and consideration for possible approval of assigning existing employees into the recently adopted pay grades.  (Councilmember Wilson / Compensation Sub-Committee)


A-16:      Consideration and possible approval of authorization for an appraisal of the property on Brodie Lane and identification of a funding source of the appraisal.  (Mayor Mills / Administration) 


A-17:      Presentation of Final Report of the AAA Committee (Mayor Mills / AAA Committee)


A-18:      Discuss and take appropriate action concerning amendment of Resolution #010808 establishing the AAA Committee.  (Mayor Mills / AAA Committee)



I certify that the above notice of meeting was posted at City Hall, 3205 Jones Road, Sunset Valley, Texas, on the 10 th day of September, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.




Trish Kabel

City Secretary



The City of Sunset Valley is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request.

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