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Sunset Valley
Incorporated in 1954

Master Plan Community Survey Results

In January 2010, as part of the City's effort to update the 1995 Master Plan,  the Sunset Valley City Council approved a community survey to be distributed to all residents. In total, 236 surveys were mailed to each household and 255 links to the survey were sent through electronic distribution.

The survey was closed on February 17th. Residents returned 149 surveys; 121 electronic and 28 hardcopies.


Summary of Results

Comment Responses by Question

Which statements reflect the reason(s) you live in Sunset Valley.

Rate the quality of life of residents in Sunset Valley.

What factors are important to your quality of life in Sunset Valley.

The quality of life in Sunset Valley has: Improved, Stayed the same or Diminished.

Rank the importance of the following planning activities.

Rate the level of concern you have for challenges that may be facing your neighborhood.

Overall satisfaction with the following City services.

Satisfaction with how City government operates.

Rank the importance of the following capital improvement projects for the City.

How do you find out about City events and happenings?

Other Comments 




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