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Sunset Valley
Incorporated in 1954

Community Wildlife Habitat

Wild in Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is striving to become a  Community Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.  A Community Wildlife Habitat is a community that provides habitat for wildlife throughout the community--in individual backyards, on school grounds, in public areas such as parks, community gardens, and businesses. This is an opportunity for everyone in Sunset Valley to get involved and provide habitat for wildlife. Wildlife need four basic elements: food, water, cover,and places to raise young.  A Community Wildlife Habitat creates a place where people, plants, and animals thrive.

How Can I Help??
Get your backyard certified! It's easy and fun to garden for wildlife.  Provide food by planting native plants is great way to provide the foliage, nectar, seeds, and fruit animals need to survive.  Visit the adopt a tree/native plant page to see what plants are available from the city at great prices.  Provide water through bird baths, butterfly puddling areas, and ponds.  Old water troughs are easy to turn into wildlife watering areas.  For cover and places to raise young, once again native vegetation provides the answer.  Remember living and dead vegetation both provide habitat. Roosting boxes for bats and birdhouses can also be used. Visit the National Wildlife Federation Gardening for Wildlife for more information on how to create habitat in your yard. Books can also be checked out from the city's Environmental Library to help plan your habitat.  Call the environmental services department at 891-9103 for more information and to schedule a site assessment.

Habitat Rebate Program
The city is offering a rebate on the cost of registering your backyard through the "Best of Texas Backyard Habitat" program that is sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and National Wildlife Federation.  Once your yard has been approved and you have received certification send a copy to Public Works and Environmental Services to receive a rebate for the registration cost. Currently the cost of registration is $30.00.

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