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Sunset Valley
Incorporated in 1954

Planning and Environmental Committee

The Environmental and Planning Committee makes recommendations towards decisions regarding management within the city's conservation lands including those toward vegetation, restorations, wildlife, trailways and recommendations to council for greenspace acquisitions to expand and refine the trail links and neighborhood buffers.

The committee meets to educate themselves with seminars on the subjects that relate to conservation land including wildlife management. The committee also works on roadside beautification plans and assists in planning the numerous environmental events during the year along with the off-shoot organization, the Conservation Rangers.

The Conservation Rangers are a volunteer group in which over 10% of the city's population of Sunset Valley participates. The Rangers help monitor the special needs of the green space and trails acreage by monitoring, documenting and reporting to public works. In addition to constant informal patrolling, they will hold periodic cleanups of the trails, open spaces, and creeks that run thoughthem.

Eco-Kids, a program for school children, holds two educational seminars for the public
each year. Check the 
Calendar for upcoming events.

Sunset Valley is ideal for stargazing, even with its proximity to a large metropolitan area. The city has a latitude 30.23 N, and longitude of 97.82 W. Though the area of the city of Sunset Valley only covers 683 acres (see map PDF), 200 of those acres are devoted to public greenspace in five separate parcels. The city has allowed commercial development in recent years, however it has been done judiciously and while maintaining buffers with residential areas. Prospective residents will be happy to learn that one benefit of this development has been the elimination city property taxes.Through the committee's efforts, Sunset Valley has been named a Tree City since 1997, and has been recognized as the home of two champion trees, the largest of their kind in the state of Texas.The city has less than 20% impermeable cover, which makes it easier for rain to replenish the Edwards Aquifer water supply, allows the valley's green areas to flourish and makes wildlife common in Sunset Valley, in the water, on the land, and in the air.

Committee Members

Agendas and Minutes

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