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Sunset Valley
Incorporated in 1954

Oak Wilt Management Program

The City of Sunset Valley’s Oak Wilt Management Program offers several cost sharing opportunities. 


            The removal of Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis or Q. virgininia) trees infected by Oak Wilt will be done at the expense of the landowner.  The landowner may have Live Oak trees cut for firewood or chipped.  Protected trees (greater than 12 in. diameter measured at 4 ½ feet above the ground) must have permits prior to removal.  Any infected Red Oaks must be destroyed and are eligible for the Texas Forest Service cost sharing program.  Inspection of all sites and an inventory of trees must be done prior to any removals in order to participate in the replacement program.


            The wood of Live Oaks can be used for firewood or mulch after proper curing.  Wood should be covered with clear plastic and the bottom edges sealed to the ground with bricks or soil.  The wood should be allowed to dry for one year, allowing the summer heat to kill the fungus. The City of Sunset Valley offers on-site chipping bi-annually and the resident can have the trees chipped at this time.  Adequate access must be provided.  Chipping dries the wood out quickly and the mulch can be used to enhance plantings.


The City of Sunset Valley will cost share up to 50% the cost of trenching to stop the spread of oak wilt.  The trench location and costs must be agreed upon by neighboring landowners, the Texas Forest Service, and the City of Sunset Valley.


            The City of Sunset Valley will pay up to $200.00 per tree not to exceed $2,000.00 toward the injection of non-symptomatic trees. The trees must be injected with an appropriate herbicide, by a licensed professional or the landowner.  Prior to injection the City’s Urban Forester will inspect the site and document each tree to be injected.  Only trees approved for injection will be reimbursed. The resident will turn in a copy of the receipt for the purchase of fungicide or professional services prior to reimbursement.


            The City will reimburse 50% the cost of replacement for trees purchased through the Adopt-a-Tree program up to $200.00 for any individual tree.  For each tree removed, 50% the cost of one tree is eligible for reimbursement. Each replacement tree must be resistant to oak wilt and should have a minimum 2 inch diameter. The landowner is responsible for watering and maintenance of any newly planted tree.

Lab Analysis

            The City of Sunset Valley will reimburse the cost of laboratory analysis up to $10.00 per sample. A copy of the laboratory analysis and invoice must be attached for reimbursement.

Please contact the Public Works and Environmental Services Department with any questions at 891-9103. 


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