Ant Bait

Red Imported Fire Ants
The Red Imported Fire Ant has proven difficult to control and has steadily expanded its range since it was introduced from South America in the 1950s. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service recommends a community wide approach to reduce fire ant populations in a given area and to apply baits using a two step treatment process involving broadcast treatment followed by individual mound treatments.

Ant baits containing low formulations of insecticide have been found to be the least toxic, most effective treatment for eliminating fire ant mounds. However, since presence of native ants can prevent recolonization of fire ants, broadcast treatment should only be used on heavy infestations (20 to 30 mounds per acre).

Baits are available locally from retailers or can be purchased through the City. Care should be taken to avoid contaminating water sources and users should follow label directions carefully. Many local pest control companies have expertise to identify the extent of an ant invasion and to treat with a least toxic method. For more information you may contact the Public Works and Environmental Services Department or check out a copy of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service booklet titled “Managing Red Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas” available from the City’s Environmental Library.

Available Ant Baits
Green Light with Conserve- 1 pound canister – $9.75 NEW!!!!! SAFE FOR GARDENS!!!

This product (Spinosad) is derived from a soil fungus and works as a neurotoxin on insects. This product can be used as a mound or broadcast treatment. This product may be used on lawns, around the perimeter of the home, around ornamental plants (flowers, plants, trees), and in home gardens. Mound treatment provides quicker results with ants beginning to die with 24-36 hours and mound destruction occurring within 3-14 days. Broadcast application may take longer. Do not water bait, wait at least 24 hours before watering your lawn. Application rate is 4-6 Tbs. per mound, and ½ - ¾ cup for 1000 square feet.

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