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Sunset Valley
Incorporated in 1954

Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission studies the zoning questions of the City and make recommendations to the City Council on applications for annexations, rezoning of property, and special use permits.

The Commission also makes suggested amendments of the zoning provisions within the City’s Land Development Code for the regulation of the height of buildings and structures, setback lines or building lines, the intensity of the use of lot areas, the location of trades, business, residential, or other use for the purposes of establishing and enforcing adequate and proper zoning regulations.

Membership. The Zoning Commission consists of five (5) members, including a Chairperson, and are appointed by the City Council. The term for the members of the Zoning Commission is two (2) years, with appointments held in even numbered years. Members must be resident citizens and qualified voters of the City. Zoning Commission members do not receive compensation for their services.

Meetings. The Zoning Commission meets such times as needed. Joint meetings by the Zoning Commission and the City Council may be held for the purpose of conducting public hearings.



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